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» AMV Idol Application

AMV Idol Application

The AMV Idol Application Is now available!


The application.


There is a flaw on the application form. The times for judging and hosting are Eastern Daylight Time, which is applicable until Sunday November 4th, at which point we switch to Eastern Standard Time.


Please download the application, fill it out, save is as AMVIDOL_APP_YOURSCREENNAME.pdf and email the filled in copy to: Application@amvidol.com .  You will receive an automatic response linking you to information on the audition round. Before you send a copy please double check that the application saved correctly.

The application form is a PDF, and you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


If you have yet to read the rules, please do so before completing the application.


The deadline for the application is September 23th, 2012 at 11:59 PM EDT. The deadline for the audition video is September 30th, 2012.


EDIT: The link to the form has been replaced with a copy that you should be able to just fill out and “Save As.” I apologize for the issues with the previous form.

2nd EDIT: The deadline for the Application has been changed from September 15th to September 23rd.

Le formulaire d’application à AMV Idol est maintenant disponible !

Le formulaire d’application

Il y a une erreur dans le formulaire, les heures de jugements et des hôtes sont sur le fuseau horaire EDT jusqu’à Dimanche le 4 Novembre. Par la suite, le fuseau horaire sera modifié à EST.

Veuillez télécharger le formulaire, le compléter, le sauvegarder avec le titre AMVIDOL_APP_VOTRENOMD’ÉDITEUR et envoyer une copie par courrier électronique à Application@amvidol.com . Vous receverez des informations concernant les modalités de la ronde d’audition. Assurez-vous de garder une copie.

Le formulaire est en PDF, et vous aurez peut-être besoin d’Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Si vous n’avez pas encore lu les règles, veuillez le faire avant de compléter votre application.

Date butoir d’inscription: 23 Septembre 2012, 11:59 PM EDT.
Date butoir d’envoi du vidéo d’audition: 30 Septembre 2012, 11:59 PM EDT.

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21 Responses to “AMV Idol Application”

  1. » AMV Idol Application is Now Online Says:

    [...] News Everyone! You can now apply to be a part of AMV Idol. For the application, please go to  http://www.amvidol.com/app/. Once you apply you will be  e-mailed with super secret instructions. So come be apart of the [...]

  2. Rendakor Says:

    I’m getting the following error on the application:
    “Please fill out the following form. You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records.”
    Trying to save a copy is only giving me a fresh blank form; is this something I’m doing wrong or is the a problem with the application file?

    • MasterZero8 Says:

      I had to sign the document for it to allow me to save it.
      I just used my screen name to sign it. I figured that was alright.
      I just tossed it at the bottom.

    • wSwans wSwans Says:

      It is a bit complicated:
      1. Open in Acrobat Reader
      2. Click on the “Sign” Icon (3rd from the left)
      3. In the box that appears on the right hand side, select “Add Text”
      4. Fill in Document
      5. Click on “Place Signature”
      6. Write your name, and place it on the document.
      7. Click done signing. This will bring up a “Save As” window.

      Sorry for the complication.

      • Rendakor Says:

        Couldn’t get it working in Acrobat Reader; clicking the Sign button didn’t give me an “Add Text” option. Managed to google a third party workaround though and get it sorted/sent in.

      • Yokina-Hana Says:

        I am soo sorry this may sound a bit stupid but I don’t understand the hosting and judging bits, what do they/you mean by this? D: sorry!

        • wSwans wSwans Says:

          We’re going to have voice-chats (on Skype) in which you will get interviewed by the hosts, and judged by the judges with the opportunity to respond. The voice chats will be recorded and have avatars set to them for AMV Idol episodes.

          • Yokina-Hana Says:

            OHHH thank you and I’m so sorry but I’m afraid I might not be able to partake in this audition anymore ;-; um… we’re moving house now and I don’t have enough time to make the video and the internet will soon be out for a while… so gutted but.. I don’t really have a choice… ;-;

  3. NudoruAMV Says:

    I can’t seem to sign it either or when I try to save it, the program will only let me save a blank copy.
    Tried searching for a solution but couldn’t find any.

    • Avatar of Siny Siny Says:

      Can you tell me which version of Acrobat you’re using? I just tested the file and it’s working fine. You can’t save it, you need to do a Save As and change the name of the file adding your screen name. That is explained on the pdf. I hope everyone is doing it. That is also a way for us to stay organized!

  4. sholin Says:

    For your ‘real name’ are you supposed to right your full name?

  5. Gorz Says:

    I can’t save the pdf, I always end up with a black copy.

  6. CoraChan Says:

    I’ve got the same problem as Rendakor :/ help please??:D

  7. wSwans wSwans Says:

    Ok. There is a new and improved version of the application that is easier to fill out.^^ Sorry for the trouble before.

  8. sholin360 Says:

    so…. I’m assuming that Pet Peeve means thing you hate in amvs? >.<

  9. Aesk Says:

    On the application form is asks ‘Availability for: Hosting and Judging’ does that mean that’s when we would be contacted for interviews? or am i wrong?

    • wSwans wSwans Says:

      Your interview would be scheduled within that block of time. (If you’re free for part of a time-slot but not for the whole of it you can include that in “Additional Notes.”)

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